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Get taught the art of cake decorating from a seven year cake decorator, who learned by doing, watching, and practicing ! 
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I can teach how to make the most beautiful cakes with a one month, once a week class!  In this class you will learn the basic techniques needed to present a bakery style cake to your friends and family!  Classes are $55 per class and are each 90 minutes long.  You provide nothing but space, cleaning tools, aprons for yourself, and two baked cakes! (8" round or a one layer 1/4 sheet cake) The Destiny Collection does birthday parties too!

Also, The Destiny Collection, sells Labella Basket products! What are LaBella Baskets products you ask? Click on the Des Co LaBella Baskets link above to get more details, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Classes must be paid 24 hours prior to class, which are accepted through PayPal!

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